Year: 2014

How to save materials from your home’s arts and scraps 

There is a huge pile of materials that you dispose of everyday, considering them waste materials. While it may seem that such materials serve no purpose, the conjecture is untrue because there are several ways in which material can be safeguarded from your home scrap. This write-up is all about reviving the items you consider waste, and thus instilling a new life into your mundane. This introduction may appear senseless in the first go, but it will make sense as you continue to read. Let us lead you into a series of information that can prove handy and economical.  

Why recycling material is important 

One reason is the everyday environment safety rant. The materials from scrap can be easily reused and more and more resources can be saved every day. Another reason is that the items from scrap can be effectively used to embellish your home. If you feel creative enough, you can give a new look to empty bottles or jars. Rest assured these items will give you a stunning look. More information would continue as below. 

The items that can be recycles from scrap 

Here is a pretty long list of items that can indeed be recycled from scrap. Here it goes: 

  • Wooden items or purposeless wood: Wood can be termed as the most important decor item in your living room. Wood can actually serve purpose even after it starts to die out. Wood blocks strewn around may be used to build a rack or a plain item that can be displayed at home. If the blocks have been rendered to no use, they can double up as firewood. 
  • Worn-out tyres: The tyres that cannot be used with your car, can be made into swings for your patio. If you feel economical, you can sell them to the nearest gas station for recycling. 
  • Old newspaper, bubble wrap and cardboard: Needless to mention, a little amount of creativity can easily turn these into decor accessories. Moreover, they can double up as packaging items. 
  • Paper: The most abundant scrap. Paper may be recycled to draw sketches on. 
  • Clothes: Clothes can be the most necessary items to use for decor. Your old clothes can be made into covers for cushions with a small amount of sewing job. 
  • Bottles and jars: As mentioned earlier also, these items can come in handy when you think creative. Bottles and jars are used as storage for stationery or a base material to plant saplings. 
  • Envelopes: They come in handy to make rough notes on. 
  • Plastic bags: These items can be easily reused. You can use plastic bags to carry items from place to place or to store important files once they are organized inside drawers. 

To conclude, your home is a place where nothing can really be called useless. Most of the items in the scrap can be reused as something more beautiful. Do not be afraid to give a creative touch to your home at any time. 

Get creative today! 

Pull Apart Pizza Star 

There is nothing more irresistible in this world than a beautifully crafted pizza. You cannot ever say no to pizza and the new recipes that pop up around it. The recipe is stunning yet one of the easiest recipes you can pull off. Also, there would not be a requirement of a cutter as the pieces of pizza are all ready pulled apart. The recipe turns out to be versatile and goes well with most settings from small house parties to date nights. The puffy pizza is succulent and fun during the process of making it. We would not make you drool much now, so let us begin with the details of the recipe. 

The time required and other details 

This recipe is going to be fairly easy to make and would not bother you with a lengthy cooking process. Specifically, there would be a total time requirement of 25 minutes; of this, 20 minutes would go into cooking while 5 minutes would be needed in preparing it before going into oven. The end product would be composed of 12 hefty serving. The nutritional value is clogged at a whopping 344 kilocalories. 

The ingredients that would be required 

Like every other recipe, this recipe also gives you a small list of items that must be prepared in order to pull it off. That particular list is as given below: 

  • Some marinara sauce, will be used for dipping 
  • 2 tablespoons of water 
  • An egg 
  • 2 cups full of mozzarella cheese, preferably shredded 
  • A cup full of marinara sauce, taken separate from the first ingredient 
  • About 3 packages of pizza dough, refrigerated 

When you are ready with these items near your oven, there is not much wait left. Continue to the process for cooking. 

The process for cooking 

This recipe, as discussed earlier, is fairly easy to make. However, you are advised to stick to the steps we have worked out as under for a near perfect bake. 

  • Fire up your oven to a preheating temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep a sheet for baking, aside. 
  • Remove the cap of the dough can and empty on a parchment paper. Carve a circle with a 10-inch plate or cake pan. 
  • Use half the cup of marinara sauce on the dough. Use half of the contents of mozzarella to add to this dough. This process is to be repeated. 
  • Now use the third dough can. Place the plate over it. Clear the excess dough with a knife. 
  • Grab a little bowl and turn it upside down over the middle of dough. Now use the knife to cut slices as you keep the central part put. 
  • Now you have to twist every slice independently in opposite directions. Do it twice for each slice. 
  • Grab a smaller ball and add water and eggs to it. Beat them together. Use the mixture to brush the slices. 
  • Transfer the pizza to the oven for about 20 minutes. 


It is that easy to make a star pizza. So, do it today! 

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System CF097 – My Review 

Ninja has emerged as a top choice among the coffee enthusiasts. I prefer calling me a coffee fanatic for I cannot, I repeat, I cannot breathe without coffee. Looking at the growing fad, I decided to get my hands on a Ninja Coffee Brewer myself. I went for the CF097 model and I must say there was not much space given for disappointment. I am going to elaborate the review in the forthcoming discussion for the readers to make a choice for themselves. I must iterate that I have been testing and reviewing coffee brewers for quite some time now. 

The signature Ninja features 

Every Ninja brewer comes with four types of brews out of the box. This feature is more than enough to set a standard apart from the mundane world of coffee brewers. A bit on the brewing systems is given as under: 

  • Specialty brew: This kind of brew consists of amplified flavors of coffee deemed fitting for your favorite lattes. 
  • Over-ice: The result of this brew is a highly concentrated coffee fitting for pouring over ice, thus ensuring that ice does not ruin a strong coffee experience for you. 
  • Rich brew: As the name suggests, the result of this brew is stronger than usual cup of coffee. 
  • Classic brew: A classic styled normally flavored coffee. 

The Ninja brewer does not require its filter to be replaced 

One of most lucrative aspects about the Ninja brewers is that they come preinstalled with a permanent filter that can use over and over again with any worry. 

The choice of carafes 

The Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer comes with 2 types of carafes: 

  • Thermal Carafe: This is a carafe made of stainless steel and well suited for times when you need to preserve hot coffee for later times. 
  • Glass Carafe: This carafe is kept at the optimum temperature by means of a heating plate with an automated turn-off system working for 2 hours. 


The things that I like about the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer CF097 

While I have discussed some of the important features of the brewer system, it would now be pertinent to take up things that did not quite live up to the mark. Those things are: 

  • You would be surprised to know that despite so many impressive features, there is nothing that could stop the brewing process automatically. 
  • The coffee loses heat when placed in a thermal carafe in about an hour. This happens when heating plate is not used. 

 The things that really appealed to me 

There are things that did not fail to impress. They are: 

  • There is an indicator light which comes to life when there is a need for descaling. 
  • The Auto-iQ system is present in this model. 
  • CF097 is incredibly quick with iced coffee. 
  • The stainless steel carafe with a capacity of 50 ounces is able to keep coffee hot for longer periods. 

To draw a conclusion, I must say I am quite taken aback by the features this device has to offer. Keeping everything in mind, I would definitely recommend it to coffee lovers like me. Happy brewing!