How to use a Torque Wrench 

The torque wrench defines a tool that comes in handy in the field of automobile repair. This tool needs to be calibrated properly before using with your vehicle. A properly calibrates torque wrench is able to provide enough turning momentum and torque to work with any kind of nut or bolt. The human effort is significantly reduced and accuracy is elevated with the help of this tool. The only thing remains that you need to be aware of the way a torque wrench is supposed to be operated. We bring this write-up to you to act as a guide to using a torque wrench. The instructions given below pan out best when intricately carried out. 

Be aware of the calibration 

Calibration forms the vital part of a torque wrench. When you go out for purchasing a torque wrench, prefer certified dealers over used part dealers. However, if you do for a used torque wrench, do not forget to get it recalibrated. 

Collect data about the specification of your specimen 

It is essential to know the limitations of the nuts you are going to use your torque wrench with. A measure generally obtained in units of foot-pounds, it specifies which tool you would need for the work at hand. 

Make sure that the nuts are not significantly damaged 

A worn-out nut or bolt is at a huge risk of being damaged further by the use of torque wrench. You are advised to avoid using the tool with a damaged work field. 

Go for a regular wrench before torque wrench 

It is recommended that whenever you go for tightening the nuts, use a wrench to set them in a comfortable position before tightening. 

Get the grip right 

Your torque wrench is provided with a plastic grip on its handle. This is the position where the best torque is obtained. 

Now get the other end right 

Place the other end right onto the nut to begin. 

Get it done 

Move the wrench in a clockwise direction so as to cause tightening of nuts. 

The following steps work out if your torque wrench offers an adjustment through click 

Place the bolts in position 

Lightly tighten bolts into the thread position before beginning with the torque action. 

The adjustment 

Your adjustable torque wrench is provided with a dial that can be turned to specify the amount of torque. Set this dial to the torque that is specific to your work. 

Set wrench in position 

Make sure that you have the grip in your hands while the other end is on the nuts. 

Tighten the bolts 

Apply clockwise momentum to your torque wrench to cause a tightening action on the bolt. This is to be done until a sound of click is heard. 

Culminating your work 

Once you have finished the work, bring the dial back to zero so that the spring can rest. 

Hence, you know how to work with your torque wrench. There is certainly no need to rush to the service center for small problems. Get yourself a torque wrench and start working today! 

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