Keurig Coffee Makers 2.0 – What’s New 

While coffee had built a haven inside humans, new coffee makers are constantly making their way into the market with newer technologies every day. Many companies are keen on launching a brand new line of coffee makers beside their old line in continuation. Keurig, a well known brand in the coffee universe, came up with its very own 2.0 version of coffee makers. As the name suggests, there must be something new introduced with this version of coffee makers. These new things are going to be the crux of our discussion in this article. So, let us see how Keurig overhauled their line-up and how it is going to be helpful. 

  • First things first: The new technology 

The Keurig coffee makers have been around for quite a while and their K-cups have apparently reached fame. The popularity and ease of using these cups gives the users an edge over the other brands. However, the introduction of new technology with the 2.0 restricts the usage of K-cups to licensed ones only. This technology is called DRM or the Digital Rights Management. 

Apparently, the technology makes use of a camera to detect a taggant on the K-cup material. If your choice of K-cups lacks this taggant, you will not be able to brew coffee on your machine. We understand that this may sound like a bummer because we do not keep a check on the pods that go into the coffee makers but it prevents duplication of materials. This also ensures that not just your cup of coffee but also the process of making remains authenticated. Furthermore, an unauthorized brand of pods might mess up your machine in the long run. To prevent possible hazards, this technology is a boon. 

That is not the only addition to the coffee machines. What else is new is the science involved in brewing coffee. We hear that flavour extraction and roasting techniques have been improved. There has been work that keeps in check your coffee cup preferences and remains consistent with it. 

Moreover, the 2.0 version of Keurig coffee makers adds the ability to brew more sizes, an advancement over the previous version that only offered three sizes. 

Apart from that, there is also a computer screen added to the coffee maker that helps you monitor the process manually. 

  • Should you go for it 

In our opinion, the technology is still in its nascent stages. It will take time for the loyal customers to accept the pod technology anew. While it may seem a little absurd that one particular brand can only provide the pods, Keurig has managed keep its sanctity alive with everything else that is on offer. You may say that this launch ensures that there will be Keurig exclusive coffee on your table making it sound all the more elite. 

While we have touched upon some new aspects of the Keurig 2.0 coffee makers, the choice remains in the hands of the customers. You may use this information to make an informed decision. Happy brewing!

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