About Us

The origin of Unite goes back to my childhood – as a little kid standing next to my dad at the Weber as he taught me how to grill the perfect steak. My repertoire soon expanded to chicken, ribs, sausages and virtually anything else that could be grilled. Through the years, I became the “grillmaster” in the family and amongst my friends. There was nothing better than having people over for some great conversation, cool music, and even better food. Admittedly though, I was a one-trick pony: there was meat and everything else was “no thanks”.

Then I met Megan. While not a vegetarian, she has a wider palate and a penchant for healthy grains and vegetables. As we began dating and soon got married, we realized we loved entertaining together. I would grill up all the meats for the parties and Megan would create magnificent appetizers and side dishes. And with her knack for design, she would create a stunning atmosphere to enjoy it all. We also noticed the combination of our dining preferences was actually pretty common: one partner is a carnivore, the other not so much! An opportunity was born.

Our goal is to provide an inviting, comfortable and fun environment for both guests and staff, while offering a superior dining experience. Please feel free to make a reservation or just walk in so we can prove it to you!